Thursday, October 6, 2011

some more wedding ideas i have got off

bridesmaid survival kits from bride :)

cute picture to go on the back of programs

bride and maid/matron of honor

this is really precious

so cute :)

make each of bridesmaids a personal hanger with wedding date and what they are in the wedding for their dress..

i thought that this was a cute photo 

love the idea to have the shoes in the pictures!! I LOVE SHOES!!!

mason jars with a chalk board sticker so that you can out whoever name on what cup so you can put it in their place at the table more like a place holder :)

all the groomsmen and bridesmaids shoes.. really cute idea

this is an engament photo..i think ill do this one because i have to stand on my tiptoes to kiss colby!!!i mean hug colby!!! he so talll

i LOVE these vintage dresses!!

 anniversary photo but you can also put liike the date of wedding instead of how many years we been together :)

i just have always thought kissing in the rain is cute!!

cute place to have the wedding at :) 

his ring her fingerprint :)

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