Thursday, October 13, 2011


so last night i went to pick up my paycheck and when hudson saw me he started crying screaming mommy!!!! so i asked him if he wanted to go with me and of course he did.. he jumps up on me and said go with kk!! so i was like OK!!! lol lets go get dressed.. so i went and got him dressed for church and then he was so happy he was going with his kk(aka:mommy#2) lol... so after church (which he was well behaved) we went to eat at mcalisters and then home.. he was so happy to see his ashlynn... (my dog) lol and so then when it was time for bed i tucked him in in his bed and he just layed there so i turned the lights out and played on my phone for a few and talked to colby.. i looked up about 10 minutes later and he had sitten up and said kk i wanna snuggle. ( more like kk i nuggle) is how he says it.. so how could i resist.. lol so i let him come get in my bed and we "nuggled" till he fell asleep and then i went and got in his bed and left him in mine.. (i couldnt sleep with him.. lol he sweats!!haha) anyways this morning thinking i was going to sleep in till 830.. lol he wakes up at 730 when my mom walked in my room and he said HEY!! lol so of course he was full of hugs and kisses and is so loveable.. he ate breakfast drank two cups of milk and then got dressed., he then proceeded in helping me do my hair and get dressed... then i went and brought him home and it was by far the saddest thing.. he didnt wanna stay.. so i left to him screaming mommyk!!! lol :( ugh ii hate this..and now dallas and sulivan wanna come stay with kk to.. its not faid that hudson got to and they didnt.. so sully told me i dont have school on saturday so maybe i can come then.. i said we would see but i couldnt this sunday.. he said why?? i wanna go to sunday school kk!! i said ill see..  its so sad.i hate leaving my kids.. lol. :( now im at school and trying to forget it by venting to blogger.. haha anyways just a few more hours then ill be back to pick him up as well as dallas too then class tonight..

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